Key Features of Danish Design

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Although the Danish design style was birthed in Europe, it has spread around the world. It includes attributes that are functional, simple, and cozy. This design scheme utilizes the appealing features of nature, including soft, organic textures, and rich, natural wood tones. At International Design Center, we offer an array of furniture pieces that incorporate Danish design to enrich your living spaces. Whether you are looking for a Danish modern coffee table, Danish modern dining table, Danish recliners, or other Danish style pieces, we have you covered.

In the mid-20th century, key pieces of Danish design furniture were brought forth, such as the wishbone chair and egg chair. These were classic designs that are not only iconic to that time period, but remain in production today – demonstrating not only their functionality, but timelessness for various spaces within the home, such as dining rooms and living rooms.

Key Characteristics

Danish design is characterized by the creation of simple, yet functional spaces that bring a sense of comfort. Whether the design feature is the shape of Danish recliners and chairs or the layout of the space, Danish design emphasizes comfort and lack of clutter. The essentials are what matter with Danish design, without sacrificing the feeling of a space that is lived in and comfortable. It provides space to move and breathe – a calm oasis in which to dwell and rest.


Complementing this theme are the colors used in Danish design. They are primarily simple and clean. Often white and black, or white and gray are featured to help define the design. Danish design often uses natural wood tones as well. Pastel tones and minimal pops of color are added at times to soften the space while maintaining the calm, comfortable ambience.


Many Danish style furniture pieces, including Danish chairs and Danish recliners, are designed to conform around the human body for comfort and functionality. Common materials used are wood, linen upholstery, and plastic. Many times, these simple furniture pieces are combined with pillows of cotton, wool, or linen and inviting throws. These furniture pieces emphasize architectural form and minimal structural furnishings rather than extra details. Danish design focuses on quality over quantity, with every item manufactured to last.

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