Luonto Sleeper Sofas: Handmade for Comfort, Efficiency, and Longevity

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Luonto, a well-known furniture manufacturer established in 1964, has seamlessly merged traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship with innovative, forward-thinking design. Their dedication to quality, is evident in the inventive sleeper mechanisms featured in the various Luonto sleeper sofa options we offer at International Design Center, bridging the gap between quality and price.

Hand-Built for Comfort and Function

Luonto furniture in the form of sleeper sofas includes contemporary designs carefully hand-built by skilled and dedicated craftsmen possessing decades of experience. This focus on craftsmanship ensures the ideal balance between comfort, function, and price, making Luonto a standout choice in the world of furniture.

Efficiency in Manufacturing

Luonto's hand-made approach is designed to keep material waste at a minimum, utilizing excess wood debris produced during the manufacturing process to heat Luonto workspaces and other local structures. This commitment to individual craftsmanship reduces inefficiencies connected to the mass production of furniture.

Clever Conversion for Easy Setup

Luonto sleeper sofas have changed the user experience with their ingenious conversion mechanisms. Unlike old-school sofa sleepers that posed a challenge during the setup process, the Luonto sleeper sofa provides a hassle-free conversion experience. The dual motion technology allows users to easily transform the sofa into a comfortable sleeper by raising the front of the seat, extending it outward, and folding down the backrest.

Comfortable Sleep Surfaces and Modern Designs

Even today, Luonto sleeper sofas are recognized for their durable construction, simple conversion mechanisms, and comfortable sleeping surfaces. The integration of dual motion technology ensures an efficient transition from sofa to bed. In addition, Luonto offers a range of contemporary and modern designs, providing various fabrics, colors, and styles to accommodate diverse aesthetic tastes.

From their innovative designs to their hand-built dedication and craftsmanship to minimizing waste, Luonto establishes a standard for progressive furniture. Explore the world of Luonto furniture at International Design Center. Visit our website, give us a call today at 612.341.3441, or send an email to

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