Modern and Contemporary Styled Teak Bedroom Furniture

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Teak is an exceptional choice for wood furniture. It may be used for a wide range of furniture pieces and also flooring. The traditional choices for wood furniture in the bedroom are often oak and maple. However, teak is also a strong option to consider. This type of wood is more malleable and lightweight, while stylish at the same time. At International Design Center, we offer an array of teak bedroom furniture pieces to fulfill your modern and contemporary design preferences.

Teak Bedroom Furniture to Match Modern and Contemporary Styles

Teak has a warm, beautiful hue to it that caters to a wide range of bedroom styles, including modern and contemporary. Teak works best in bedroom décor schemes and aesthetics that are calm and soothing.

Our selection of teak bedroom furniture includes king and queen beds, double dresser, triple dresser, high chest, mirror, gent’s chest, vanity, and nightstands.

Low Maintenance Teak Bedroom Furniture

Teak furniture for the bedroom is a low maintenance and attractive option for your home that will last a long time. It is lightweight compared to many other types of wood, making it easier to move around when you are installing the furniture or reconfiguring your space.

Teak furniture can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance over that period of time to retain its appearance and beauty. A helpful suggestion is to oil indoor teak furniture about once every 3 to 4 months using a lint-free cloth that will not scratch the wood surface. Rub the oil along the direction of the wood grain.

Create your dream bedroom with exceptional quality teak bedroom furniture pieces from our collection. With teak bedroom furniture, you can create a new bedroom oasis or revamp your current bedroom décor to something that matches your style and gives you long-lasting durability and beauty. Our teak bedroom furniture pieces are the ideal addition when you want style, flexibility, and easy maintenance in your bedroom set.

Our showroom is open for your visit where you can browse our teak bedroom pieces in person. Or, for more information about the teak wood furniture we offer for the bedroom or other areas of the home, check out our online store, call us today at 612.324.0315, or send us an email at

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