What is Danish Style Furniture and Why is it Expensive?

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The size of a home and its various rooms may often call for simple, yet functional furniture as opposed to larger and space-consuming pieces. If you don’t have the space for the bigger furniture pieces that take up extra floor space, modern, minimalist style furniture with basic colors and clean lines can help your space appear more open. The type of furniture style that checks these boxes is Danish design furniture. At International Design Center, we offer a wide array of Danish furniture, including dining tables, coffee tables, and recliners.

Minimalist Design

Danish modern furniture, including Danish bedroom furniture is designed and manufactured with the size and living environment of the person in mind. Living spaces in the European and Scandinavian homes are often small. Many times, the furniture desired by a homeowner is the type that does not clutter or overwhelm the space. This mean having tables and sofas without bulky legs and other features. It means having pieces with an overall clean design and that reveal the natural beauty of the materials.

Durable Wood

Danish design relies on the use of durable, resilient, exceptional-quality wood that retains its appearance and usefulness for decades. Some of the woods that fall into this category for use in the manufacturing of Modern or Mid Century Danish furniture include teak, walnut, oak, and elm.

Neutral Colors

Although Danish design furniture focuses on simplicity and utility, it also displays a wide color palette that harmonize with various environments. Among the various colors recognized in Danish design include neutrals, including soft tans and other soft and relaxed orange and light blue tones. These colors are not overwhelming, yet still catch the eyes. You may find them on items such as sofas, chairs, and recliners.

Utility and Ergonomics

Danish design considers ergonomics and user comfort as well. When it comes to recliners and desks, you can find pieces that incorporate features to accommodate technology such as plug-ins and ports. The furniture generally accommodates those with a larger frame without leaving its minimalist design.

Why Is Danish Style Furniture Expensive?

Danish design furniture is expensive as far as the upfront cost is concerned. This is due to the quality of the materials used. However, the furniture’s durability and resistance to wear, tear, and deterioration make the investment cost-effective over the long term compared to other pieces constructed of materials which may degrade sooner.

To learn about the multiple Danish modern furniture pieces, we offer at International Design Center, or to inquire about pricing or locate a dealer, call us today at 612-341-3441 or email us at showroom@idcmn.com.

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