What's the Difference Between Danish Modern and Mid-Century Modern?

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There are two distinct styles of interior décor that are similar, but also distinct from each other – Mid-Century Modern and Danish Modern. The Mid-Century modern design style came on the scene during the 1940s and 1950s and features minimal ornamentation, clean lines, and a focus on functionality rather than form. On the other hand, the Danish Modern design style emerged and developed in Denmark during the 1920s and 1930s and features organic shapes, clean, simple lines, with a focus on natural materials and craftsmanship. At International Design Center, we offer Mid-Century Modern Danish furniture to enhance the appeal of your interior living spaces.

Mid-Century Modern

With Mid-Century Modern, the designs are generally understated. The forms are usually geometric and organic. Materials are often used in unpredictable ways and functionality is always of premier importance.

Danish Modern

Although Modern Mid-Century Danish Furniture has its similarities to Danish Modern with their emphasis on clean lines and a minimalist appearance, Danish Modern is typically more sculptural and organic in nature. On the other hand, Mid-Century Modern is more industrial and geometric in nature.

Mid-Century Modern is often associated with the use of new technologies and materials, along with mass production. On the other hand, Danish Modern is created with a more craft-based, traditional design approach. Danish Modern reflects modernism from a Scandinavian perspective, while Mid-Century Modern interprets modernism from an American perspective.

Danish Modern furniture generally includes distinct characteristics such as the use of clean lines, careful detailing, superb and attractive materials, and outstanding craftsmanship. One of its most notable characteristics however is its constant originality and uniqueness. The innovative forms, and textures that characterize Danish Modern furniture make it a trendy option regardless of the era.

With the Danish Modern style, the materials chosen for furniture pieces are often natural. As such, they will often feature wood as the main material, and particularly light wood. For the upholstery portion of this furniture, leather is often used.

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