MaxDivani Loren Power Sectional

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The MaxDivani Loren Power Sectional

Max Divani's Loren power sectional is a prime example of contemporary design and exceptional durability. Its sleek, structured edges exude strength, while the narrow metal footing adds a touch of modernity.

The Loren is not only durable, but it also features adjustable headrests and slender metal feet that bring a touch of modern sophistication to any space. This statement piece is sure to capture attention and make a lasting impression.

Specifications: 105" L x 84" W x 31" H

Our Configurations: We stock in both LAF and RAF Loren Sectionals. Each sectional had a reclining seat, corner seat and mini seat that duals as a chaise. 

We Stock In: Ivory Butterfly 25058 Leather With Calamine 41 Metal Leg

Special Orders Available In All MaxDivani Leather And Wood/Metal Leg Options

Manufactured And Made In Italy  🇮🇹

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